Online Bath House Art Mart 


Nature is the Purest Form of Inner Peace...

"Nature.." original painting before finalizing

Pass the Torch......

jo moncrief ART show 2020

Too Much Information.....

Until Eve arrive, it was a Man's World.....

This painting looks great at another angle also. 

See bottom

Seas the Day......

See below images for original painting before I painted negatively into the painting to reveal the final painting

"Until Eve arrived" original painting before finalizing

Dogs Make Life Better...

Good Composition allows a painting to be strong at different angles.  This is "Pass the Torch" (above) at the landscape angle.

It's a hard decision which angle is better.   

Speed Freak


The annual Bath House Art Mart 2020 show is closed for construction (and COVID) however, you can shop the Bath House artists this season in the 2020 Online Art Mart gallery 24/7 through December 23, 2020.  Below are the images listed under Painting, Jo Moncrief.   If you are interested in purchasing artwork, you can contact me or any artist directly.

https://www.artmartbhcc.com/                for all artists artwork

https://www.artmartbhcc.com/project/jo-moncrief/    (Jo's artwork)  These are my “discover paintings”.  I begin a painting abstractly by applying contrasting, analgous, complimentary, etc. colors on the surface.  Once dry, I turn the painting at all angles to find inspiration, subject matter, etc. and then work negatively into the painting to “discover” images and patterns. This method of painting is always a challenge, with many unpredictable surprises when completed.   

​Just for fun, I thought I would show the "original painting" before I painted negatively into a few of these paintings, Nature & Until Eve arrived.  (see bottom) and another angle on "Pass the Torch".   Note:  all paintings are 5x7"  in a white mat, framed in an 8x10" black contemporary frame.  $108.00 includes tax