Create Luminous, High Contrast Abstract Paintings Workshop

This workshop is focused on understanding and creating beautiful abstract artwork with a strong emphasis on color and value.  When you understand color and value, you can create paintings that have visual interest, excitement and drama.

       *    I will demonstrate (twice daily) on canvas or yupo.  Most paintings will begin with a pouring of paint to get luminosity, interesting and unique shapes.  

​        *   Pouring paint on any surface allows colors to explode, mingle and blend with each other - creating magical, unique and unpredictable effects. 

            *    When you understand your values, you have the golden ticket to color.

        *   Simple ways on how to use composition, color, values, principles & elements of design, contrast and the rule of thirds while working through a painting to finality.  
        *   Make your own fluid acrylics from tube paints saving you a lot of money. 
        *   There will be daily fun exercises to help each student comprehend the daily subject matter.    

        *   There are simple steps in creating abstract art & each student will complete as many paintings as possible during the workshop.
        *   Discover the advantages of a limited palette that will yield an unlimited palette of colors.
        *   There are huge advantages in understanding the differences & advantages of Munsell Color Wheel vs. the traditional color wheel and how grays enhance any painting.  
*   There are surprising benefits of knowing how to read paint labels and to better understand the information on the paint labels of different manufacturers' paint tubes.  

        *   Don't need to buy a lot of paints - in this workshop, you will learn how to mix your own favorite colors. 

        *   The importance of learning color bias and how bias affects the success of your paintings. 

        *   The importance of a focal point and how to correctly place the focal point for impact within your painting.   
        *   I will show you the advantages of understanding the pigments in your paints and how this information gives you mastery over your paints and your paintings.
        *   You will learn how to use and see grayscale as an invaluable aid in understanding value, contrast, and composition.  Simple ways to see grayscale.
        *   How simple composition tools help you work your way creatively through a painting to finality
        *   You will be shown fun ways to make your own unique collage and how it can help pull many struggling paintings together

        *   This will be a fun, fast-paced, high energy workshop with lots to learn! 

        *   Each student will get a "special kit" at the beginning of the workshop containing some extras to experiment with in class (not on the supply list) and printed material for reference on all information that is covered in this workshop.

        *   This workshop is for beginner to advanced painters. I love to share all of my information with my students.  
If you are a beginner, be sure that you understand the complements in the traditional color wheel.  If you have never painted in acrylic, it is not necessary to have mastery or knowledge in this medium to enjoy the workshop.  If you are an advanced painter, you will enjoy learning many new techniques.

If you have not taken a workshop from me, it might be helpful to follow the link below.  RCAS (Richardson Civic Art Society) did a really nice article on my March 2019 demonstration for their organization.  I feel that it shows how much information and techniques that I love to share with my students.

Supply list for workshop:   Workshop Supply List

ON EXHIBIT:  If you would like to see my artwork in person, I have many pieces on exhibit at the Delaney Salons, 120 South Denton Tap Rd., Suite 305, Coppell, TX 75019.  I work as an Electrologist at this salon.

jo moncrief ART show & WORKSHOP schedule 2019 - 2020

​​Jo Moncrief Workshop:  (a little about me and more about my March, 2020 Workshop)

If you are ready to move beyond realism or need a better understanding of how to create abstract artwork that is loose, colorful, fresh and expressive.  You will love this workshop.

​For over 7 years, I was honored to be one of the most popular workshop artists at Artist's Showplace.  My workshops were fully booked each year with a waiting list.  The closing of Artist's Showplace Gallery in 2019 has made me realize how much I enjoyed sharing my knowledge with my students and I miss the classroom experience.  

I have chosen Artisan's Studio Gallery as the location for my next workshop.  I hope you will join me!

The following is an Artist Showplace article published in their blog: 


My next workshop will be on Wednesday thru Saturday (4 days), March 4-7, 2020 at Artisan's Studio Gallery located at 2825 Valley View Ln # 301, Farmers Branch, TX 75234.  Times 10:30am-530pm.  

Artisan's Studio is centrally located in the Dallas, TX area.  It is within 5-10 minutes from I635, I35 and (PGBT) George Bush Freeway.  The studio has an excellent workshop area with lots of room for each student to have their own table and plenty of workspace.  

If you would like to enroll.  Please contact me directly.  214 232 2914 (call or text) 

or email:


Price for this 4-day workshop - $399.00

A $50 non-refundable deposit is required at the time of booking as a commitment

to hold your seat.

The final balance of $349.00 is due no later than February 1, 2020.  

​Space is limited.  Thank you for your interest.

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2019  Fall Art Shows will be listed as soon as I receive notification from the juries.  Thank you for your interest.