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 I am a self-taught artist.  I have taken painting and ceramics courses in college. I have also taken workshops and classes from artists whose artwork I admire.  


I try to paint or draw each day.  I can do realistic, impressionism, abstract and non-objective artwork.  By far, the most mentally challenging artwork is abstracts and non-objective painting.  My paintings have received awards in many juried exhibitions and juried art festivals.

I am not a gambler with money, but I like to treat my art like poker - a series of contemplated risks and a good chance for a jackpot now and then.

It is impossible to not put a piece of yourself in your artwork.  Each contact with the surface of the painting is a decision, a move, a color added, a tilt of the canvas.  These decisions will give me great success and a beautiful painting, or sometimes, a near disaster with a good learning lesson.

I begin each painting as a wet into wet pouring of colors.  This method allows colors to explode, mingle and blend with each other - creating magical, unique and unpredictable effects that simply cannot be painted by hand.

Allowing the paint to flow, I use composition, hues, values, principles, and elements of design, contrast and the rule of thirds while working through a painting to finality.  

Each painting sits in a dark area of my home for days, weeks and sometimes months for me to study and look at it in different lighting.  This helps in determining any changes that need to be made.

Upon completion, my artwork is sealed in a UV polymer varnish that protects the surface from dust and dirt and helps to prevent fading due to ultraviolet radiation.

In 2016, two of my paintings
, Turbulence & Tranquility and Searching for What was,  were accepted into North Light Books’ fourth annual Best of Acrylic competition AcrylicWorks 4: Captivating Color!   The book was released in May, 2017.  The artwork accepted in the book shows excellence and originality in acrylic paint achieved via a variety of styles and subjects.  

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Jo Moncrief

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